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Goodbye AIG Vehicle Protection Guarantee Interaction

In the event that you are a vehicle proprietor, it is key to get vehicle protection. Besides the fact that it gets you monetarily, yet it additionally gives remuneration assuming your vehicle experiences any misfortune, harm or requires significant fixes. Like some other arrangement, protection for vehicles additionally terminates and requires occasional restoration. This is particularly significant as having vehicle protection is compulsory in India.

Vehicle Protection Guarantee Outline
To purchase vehicle insurance on the web, you can head onto the Goodbye AIG protection site, where you can analyze vehicle protection contracts and pick the best one to suit your need. We offer 3 kinds of Vehicle Insurance contracts – Outsider Vehicle Protection, Own Harm Vehicle Protection and Thorough Vehicle Protection. Whenever you have bought a vehicle insurance contract, you can get the bountiful advantages our strategies bring to the table.

What’s more, when your arrangement approaches expiry, Goodbye AIG vehicle insurance restoration will assist you with recharging your contract soon so you don’t pass up the advantages.

How To Guarantee Vehicle Protection?

You can rapidly record a case by going through these means:

Stage 1: Record a case: You can either call us on 1800-266-7780 to document a case or visit our Cases Backing page and fill in the fundamental data. In the wake of accepting your case demand, we will send you a connection for self-examination to your enlisted portable number.

Stage 2: Assessment: With the assistance of the self-review structure, fill in insights regarding the harms to your vehicle on your cell phone or tablet. Aside from this, your vehicle will likewise be investigated by one of our assessors.

Stage 3: Method of fix: You can pick between getting repayment for the harm fixes or making a credit only case through our organization of carports.

Stage 4: Reports required: A few normal records required for guarantee settlement are finished case structure, FIR (in specific cases), strategy records, character confirmations, address evidences, and so on. Keep them convenient prior to documenting the case.

Stage 5: Track your status: You can follow the acknowledgment and exchange process online after you complete recording the case.

Stage 6: Guarantee settlement: We will look at the case to check whether it meets the rules as given in the arrangement. Once supported, we will settle your case.

How To Make Vehicle Protection Credit only Cases?
Indian vehicle protection is a legitimate command however allows you to partake in the advantages of credit only cases given by your insurance agency. With this help, you need to cover no accuses of the organization carport. We, at Goodbye AIG, will straightforwardly settle the bills with the organization carport.

To make a credit only case, you just have to enroll your case on our site, present the necessary reports and take your vehicle for the expected fixes at the organization carport. When the assessor affirms the harm and decides your obligation, your case gets handled and supported. Following this, we straightforwardly contact the organization carport and pay off the contribution, which get deducted from your aggregate safeguarded.

How To Make Protection Repayment Cases?
In spite of credit only cases, in a repayment guarantee, as the protected, you pay for the fixes and different harms. Contingent on the strategy agreements, you can then petition for a repayment guarantee. In this kind of guarantee, you don’t need to compulsorily get your vehicle fixed at an enlisted network carport. You just have to give duplicates of the bills and different charges to get the case sum.

To profit of repayment under web-based vehicle insurance contracts, you want to enlist your case by reaching out to us. When you accept your case enrollment number, you can take the harmed vehicle to any carport. Following this, you can present the bills and set up the other documentation for your assessor to check and affirm your risk. Assuming your case is confirmed and handled, your repayment is started.

Archives Expected For Vehicle Protection Cases
A few records are expected to guarantee your case gets handled and supported effectively. Orchestrating these records however right on time as conceivable seems to be critical for a smoother interaction.

Here is a rundown of reports expected for vehicle protection claims:

Guarantee structure endorsed by the safety net provider
First Data Report (FIR) if there should arise an occurrence of a mishap
No Follow Report from the police and Letter to the RTO in the event that your vehicle is taken
Lawful Notification of the concerned party in the event of outsider liabilities
Individual subtleties – address and ID evidence
Medical clinic bills if there should arise an occurrence of individual mishap guarantee
Fix bills from the carport (in the event of repayment claims)
Enlistment subtleties of the vehicle, including a duplicate of the RC with its unique keys
Duplicate of the driving permit
Duplicate of the first strategy
Emergency clinic bills for individual mishap claims
The first gauge, receipt and installment receipt for the fixes done at the organization carport

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